Nov. 8-9, 2018 Alaska Wind-Diesel Workshop

Nov. 8-9, 2018 Alaska Wind-Diesel Workshop
November 16, 2018 Stephanie Nowers

Thank you to all the attendees of the 2018 Alaska Wind-Diesel Workshop who made this year’s event a success. Also a special thank you to our moderators and panelists, to the Anchorage Museum for hosting and to the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) and Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) for organizing. Below you will find this year’s agenda and the presentations from each of our panels.

2018_AK Wind Diesel Workshop Agenda (.pdf)



State of the Large Wind Market

Wind power generates more than 6% of all electricity in the United States, and is the nation’s second largest renewable source of electricity, just behind hydropower. This moderated discussion will look at trends in the nation’s and Alaska’s large wind market including technology, policy, and operation.

MODERATOR: Chris Rose, Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP)

Large Wind Overview_ IanBaring-Gould_NREL (.pdf)

Coordinated Power Systems Overview_MichaelMilligan_MilliganGridSolutions (.pdf)

Grid Modernization_AmandaOrmond_WesternGridGroup (.pdf)

Energy Storage

Energy storage is helping to increase penetration levels of wind in Alaska. This moderated discussion will look at the latest technology advances and the use of energy storage technologies in Alaska.

MODERATOR: Gwen Holdmann, Alaska Center for Energy & Power (ACEP)

Energy Storage Overview David_Mall_SAFT America (.pdf)

Alaska-Sizing and Lessons Learned Ben_Schenkman_Sandia Labs(.pdf)

Energy Storage Case Study Paul_Risse_Chugach Electric Assn. (.pdf)

Grid_Bridging_Bill_Thomson, AK Village Electric Cooperative (.pdf)_

Wind Diesel 101

This session will cover the basics of Wind-Diesel hybrid power systems, giving attendees an overview of renewable energy, wind power and wind-diesel project development as well as providing a hands-on introduction to meteorological (met) towers and data loggers.

Presenter: Josh Craft, Alaska Energy Authority

Wind Diesel 101_JoshCraft_AlaskaEnergyAuthority (.pdf) 

Wind Diesel Lifecycle Best Practices

Building, maintaining, operating and optimizing hybrid electric grids in remote communities with limited workforces and harsh operating conditions brings many challenges. Panelists will discuss how they are addressing a variety of issues to better capitalize on their local wind energy resources.

MODERATOR: Ian Baring-Gould, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Planning and Vision_MattBergan_Kotzebue Electric Association (.pdf)

Project Development and Selection_JoshCraft_AEA(.pdf)

AVEC_intro_Scott Stiker_AK Village Electric Cooperative (.pdf)

Wind-Diesel Best practices_Scott Stiker_AVEC(.pdf)

Paying for Projects

There are unique challenges to financing projects in remote communities This moderated discussion will look at financing barriers, and strategies to decrease the risk of projects to lower financing costs, including the role of Alaska’s Power Cost Equalization (PCE) program.

Moderator: Cady Lister, Alaska Energy Authority (AEA)

Debt and PCE_CadyLister, AEA (.pdf)

Active IE Alaska Projects_Michael Kuca, DOE Office of Indian Energy (.pdf)