Feb. 10 Resilient Power Project Webinar – Free

Feb. 10 Resilient Power Project Webinar – Free
February 3, 2016 Stephanie Nowers

REGISTER HERE: Clean Energy Group will be hosting a webinar to provide an update on the Resilient Power Project and to introduce the project’s new resources and web-based tools. This webinar will feature Clean Energy Group Project Directors, Seth Mullendore, Rob Sanders, and Todd Olinsky-Paul, to discuss the following topics:

  • The need for resilient power and why it’s important.
  • The Project’s activities related to policy, project finance, and program support for resilient power and energy storage to assist states, communities, and project developers.
  • Introduction to the How-To materials and new web-based tools that the Project has produced.
  • Overview of the Project’s strategies regarding net metering, community solar+storage, residential and commercial demand charges, optimization of solar+storage systems, project finance, and energy storage opportunities across the country.

What began as an effort to ensure that vulnerable communities had access to cleaner, more reliable technologies to power critical electrical loads in an emergency has evolved into much more. Over the past two years, the Resilient Power Project has shown that clean energy technologies, such as solar+storage, can provide more reliable power solutions to support those most in need – disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

Now, Clean Energy Group is making the case that these technologies can also provide significant economic benefits as well, such as lowering electric bills and generating revenues from providing grid services.

Today, the Resilient Power Project has expanded to address three essential issues regarding renewable energy and storage technologies:

  • Poverty reduction through energy cost savings
  • Climate adaptation through improved power resiliency
  • Climate mitigation through the integration of more renewable technologies

The Project works to inform, coordinate, and support federal, state, and local officials, policy makers and developers with the goal of deploying resilient power projects in communities across the country. Please join us for this informative webinar.