Block Island Wind Farm Exchange Trip

Block Island Wind Farm Exchange Trip
February 1, 2018 Stephanie Nowers

Sharing Solutions – Offshore Wind from Island Institute on Vimeo.

The Block Island Wind Farm is the first commercial offshore wind farm in the United States, located 3.8 miles (6.1 km) from Block Island, Rhode Island in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Island Institute which co-facilitates the Islanded Grid Resource Center (IGRC) hosted this 2017 exchange trip on Block Island between New England islanders looking to learn about how a community can engage in the decision-making process associated with offshore wind development. The Island Institute works closely with communities providing information and events such as these trips to ensure residents have access to quality locally-relevant information and a seat at the table to engage with project developers, decision-makers, and other key stakeholders.

Is an offshore wind project being considered near your community? Find out more information and strategies for community engagement at the Island Institute website: