• Engaging Communities in Offshore Wind: Case Studies and Lessons Learned from New England Islands

    On December 15, the Island Institute released a new report, “Engaging Communities in Offshore Wind: Case Studies and Lessons Learned from New England Islands”. With several offshore wind farms currently under consideration off the U.S. Atlantic seaboard, offshore wind has the potential to be an abundant source of renewable, low carbon electricity. Island communities throughout New England are leading the way

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  • Market Update: New England Islanded Grids

    Wednesday, April 15 | 4:00 p.m. ET Join the Islanded Grid Resource Center (IGRC) for our upcoming webinar highlighting the islanded grid communities along the New England coast that are exploring their options for reducing high energy costs through wind power, solar, microgrids, and other solutions. The webinar will feature a market update from the Island Institute’s Suzanne MacDonald and presentations from IGRC participants from New England islands who are developing their own local energy projects.

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  • Highlights from the Islanded Grid Wind Power Conference

    This webinar featured an update on IGRC activities including the recent March 4-6 Islanded Grid Wind Power Conference in Anchorage, Alaska during which speakers and participants came from around the U.S., Canada and the world to discuss the barriers and opportunities facing wind power systems in remote and islanded grids.

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  • Islanded Grid Energy Storage Webinar

    This IGRC webinar featured a discussion of energy storage systems and their applications for islanded grids…

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  • IGRC Launches Webinar Series

    On Wednesday, December 10, the Islanded Grid Resource Center (IGRC) hosted the first of its series of interactive webinars designed to build connections between islanded grid stakeholders and industry experts and share reliable information to promote fact-based decision making about wind power and other renewable energy sources as a way to lower energy costs. The introductory webinar featured presentations from IGRC facilitators Chris

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