Bob Seitz

Bob Seitz
February 27, 2017 The Islanded Grid Resource Center

Bob works with Artech Engineering and the IEEE Alaska Section.

He has been working on regular power systems on the North Slope Alaska for the past 35 years and is trying to apply Electrical Engineering practice and principles to renewable systems of all types including Grid Tie, Off Grid, Wind, Wind Diesel, Energy Storage, and Ocean Energy for remote areas.  Bob has been involved with Solar and Wind Grid Tie projects with utilities in Alaska and has been following the progress of the various projects in the remote locations for the last 6 or more years.

He is the past Chair of the IEEE Alaska Section,  and is a member of IEEE 1547.8 Standard committee and involved with the other 1547 standards.

Bob has been working with islanded grids that are portions of larger grids in the North Slope of Alaska Oil Field power systems for a couple of decades.